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Business Litigation

From shareholder disputes, to issues with a competitor, we’ve got you covered.

Business Advising

Have a contract question regarding the big deal? Adding a new partner? We offer basic advice or quickly and efficiently manage the entire process.

General Counsel Services

Not ready for a full time GC? We offer a suite of GC services for a low monthly rate.

Litigation Diversification

For Lawyers: Too much risk? We bring expertise, front costs, and in some cases front a portion of fees in exchange for a share of the contingency.


Providing Access to Justice

Partner with Madgett Law to diversify risk while gaining access to valuable experts. Madgett Law provides access to world-class capital resources allowing you to focus on doing what you do best, litigating the case. After evaluating your case, our team will create a proposal outlining staff and capital commitments in exchange for a share of the contingency. While no case is too large, we are best suited to provide capital to cases with valuations above 1MM.

  • Tort

    Approximately 20% of our evaluated cases involve tort claims.


    Approximately 60% of our evaluated cases involve commercial claims.

  • Patent

    Approximately 10% of our evaluated cases involve patent claims

  • Other

    Approximately 10% of our evaluated claims involve other claims.


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Dave Madgett

Practice Areas: Litigation Finance, Technology Ventures, Consumer Law

Colgate, Math
Virginia, Juris Doctor
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Kristin Schwarze

Chief Operating Officer
Practice Areas: Private Equity, Fundraising, Non-Profit Ventures

Minnesota, Neuroscience

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