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Consumer Litigation

From issues with credit reporting, to pesky debt collectors, to tenant remedy cases, no case is too small or to large for us to tackle.

Business Litigation

From shareholder disputes to business insurance disputes, we’re litigators first and foremost.

Litigation Diversification

Though our private equity division, Madgett Law Capital Trust, we bring expertise and front a portion of fees in exchange for a share of the contingency.


Providing Access to Justice

Partner with Madgett Law to diversify risk while gaining access to valuable experts. Madgett Law provides access to world-class capital resources allowing you to focus on doing what you do best, litigating the case. After evaluating your case, our team will create a proposal outlining staff and capital commitments in exchange for a share of the contingency. While no case is too large, we are best suited to provide capital to cases with valuations above 1MM.

  • Approximately 20% of our evaluated cases involve tort claims.

  • Approximately 60% of our evaluated cases involve commercial claims.

  • Approximately 10% of our evaluated cases involve patent claims

  • Approximately 10% of our evaluated claims involve other claims.

Dave Madgett

Practice Areas: Litigation Finance, Technology Ventures, Consumer Law

Colgate, Math
Virginia, Juris Doctor

Kristin Schwarze

Chief Operating Officer
Practice Areas: Private Equity, Fundraising, Non-Profit Ventures

Minnesota, Neuroscience

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