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How to Spot a Fake Debt Collector

The way I make my living is by suing “legitimate” debt collectors. When I say legitimate, I mean companies that are (generally) attempting to collect debts they believe (whether correctly or not) to be owed by the consumer. However, I frequently hear from people who have been contacted (most frequently on the phone) by people[…]

Are All your Eggs in One Basket? Banks and Credit Unions Can Offset Unpaid Bills: But the CFPB is Making it Tougher.

Think twice about obtaining a credit card from your bank or credit union. While it may seem more convenient, obtaining a credit card underwritten or branded by your banking institution may present risks should you have an unexpected default. This is true because of a little known contractual term in almost all deposit account agreements.[…]

Large Consumer Lenders Increasing Captial Reserves

For the first time in years, consumer credit companies are increasing capital reserves. According to the Wall Street Journal, banks such as Wells Fargo, J.P. Morgan, Capital One, and Discover anticipate┬áincreasing defaults in the consumer credit market. However, this news is not necessarily all doom and gloom from the consumer perspective. In an effort to[…]

Debt Collection and Shame

The Consumerist is one of my favorite websites. Today it has an article about a guy who wrote a check to the Girl Scouts for cookies, and the check subsequently bounced. You can find it here. Basically, the article outlines how the original $42.00 dishonored check has morphed into an $800 collection account. Now this[…]

Debt Buyers & False Affidavits

There has been plenty of media attention and scrutiny given to the actions of debt buyers in the state of Minnesota in the past couple of years. This includes Attorney General Swanson’s lawsuits against Bradstreet & Associates and Midland Funding, as well as the statute passed by the legislature last year codifying the evidence required[…]