Capital One forces you to let them show up to your home…

“What’s in your wallet?” has now become “Who’s at your front door?” Capital One has recently amended the terms of their cardholder agreement to allow them to contact you at your home or place of employment. Additionally, by using their card, you are consenting to allow contact that may include “personal visits.” Because I don’t Read more about Capital One forces you to let them show up to your home…[…]

TCPA = $1500 per call

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act is a consumer’s best friend…unfortunately, most consumers (and most attorneys, for that matter) are completely unaware of the protections it affords. Essentially, under the TCPA if an individual or company contacts you on your cellphone using a robo-dialer, they have to pay you up to $1,500 per call. So how Read more about TCPA = $1500 per call[…]

Proposed Law Forces Banks to Talk to Customers before Foreclosing

Today is the first day of the legislative session in Minnesota. Governor Dayton has billed in as the “un-Session” in an effort to encourage the House and Senate to delete obsolete laws from the books. However, there is one proposed bill that I hope is passed into law and gets added to those books. That Read more about Proposed Law Forces Banks to Talk to Customers before Foreclosing[…]

Wells Fargo and U.S. Bank end Payday Loans

Great news! The two largest banks in the state have stopped offering payday loans (or as they call them “direct deposit advance loans”. I prefer to call a spade a spade.) The Washington Post does a nice job of summarizing the relevant issues here. The writers at the Washington Post are excellent journalists, but in Read more about Wells Fargo and U.S. Bank end Payday Loans[…]

Minnesota AG sues Bradstreet & Associates

This past week, Lori Swanson sued a local debt buyer for tacking on illegal interest to old checking accounts purchased from Wells Fargo and U.S. Bank. The suit alleges that Bradstreet & Associates added 21.75% interest to the charged-0ff amounts of the debts they purchased. Here is an article describing the suit in greater detail. Read more about Minnesota AG sues Bradstreet & Associates[…]

Mediation, is it the right process for you?

Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process that is used to resolve conflict. The goal of mediation is to identify the party’s individual needs and underlying issues through a trained Mediator that can help facilitate a creative problem solving environment. An important aspect of mediation is that it is a completely voluntary process.  The Mediator Read more about Mediation, is it the right process for you?[…]

Spousal Maintenance: Recent Case Law

What is spousal maintenance? Spousal maintenance (or commonly referred to as alimony) can be awarded in a divorce proceeding in an effort to try and preserve the lower earning spouse’s standard of living during the marriage.  Each spousal maintenance agreement can be different depending on what the parties agree to. However, spousal maintenance is an Read more about Spousal Maintenance: Recent Case Law[…]