Capital One forces you to let them show up to your home…

“What’s in your wallet?” has now become “Who’s at your front door?” Capital One has recently amended the terms of their cardholder agreement to allow them to contact you at your home or place of employment. Additionally, by using their card, you are consenting to allow contact that may include “personal visits.”

Because I don’t have a better reaction, I’ll just quote Seth Meyers and say “Really?” Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, this behavior is almost certainly illegal…if done by a third-party debt collector. Unfortunately, when drafting the FDCPA, Congress was under the impression that original creditors had enough regard for their own customers that original creditors were exempted from coverage under the act. Evidently, it’s impossible to underestimate the level of disdain these large credit card companies have for consumers. So instead of holding CapOne liable for boorish behavior, the only thing Congress will allow you to do it sit there and say “Really?”


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