Madgett Law offers free consumer case consultations. Our attorneys are experts in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). We have filed and resolved hundreds of these cases for Minnesota consumers. We have sued almost every major bank and credit card company. We have sued at least 50 distinct collection agencies. We have recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars for Minnesota Consumers.

If we accept your case and you choose to move forward, we offer a variety of payment options including, in some cases, a contingent fee option. Under the contingent fee option, we are paid from winnings, thus you pay nothing if your case is not successful.


Experience: Madgett Law attorneys have resolved hundreds of cases while achieving outstanding results for our clients.

Ethics: Our commitment to ethical representation is evident from the start. Our attorneys give you a realistic case valuation and you can be confident that your case is in good hands.

Intelligence: Our attorneys go through a rigorous testing and evaluation period. We are graduates of top colleges and law schools.

Value: Our firm philosophy is to add value in law. Thus our first commitment is to the client’s bottom line. We believe in the value of repeat customers.

History: The following is a list of collections companies we have sued or investigated. collectors in bold we have previously sued:

Advanced Call Center Technologies
Advanced Collection Services
Alliance One
Allied Interstate
American Home Mortgage
American Profit Recovery
Arrow Financial Services
Asset Acceptance
Asta Funding
Benning-Smith Group
Capio Partners
Capital Management Services
Capital One
Cavalry Portfolio Services
Cohen & Slamowitz
Consumer Portfolio Services
Continental Service Group
Creditors Interchange
David Faith Corporation
Eastern Asset Management
Encore Capital Group
ER Solutions
Financial Recovery Systems
GC Services
Hudson & Keyse
I.C. System
Legal Action Recovery
Leucadia National
LVNV Funding
Mann Bracken
MarkOne Capital
Mel Harris & Associates
Midland Credit
Midland Funding
Mitchell N. Kay
MRS Associates
National Credit Solutions
National Enterprise Systems
National Recovery Agency
National Recovery Services
National Service Bureau
Nationwide Asset Services
Nationwide Credit
NCO Financial
NorAm Capital Holdings
Norfolk Financial
Northland Group
Palisades Collection
Pioneer Credit Recovery
Portfolio Recovery Associates
Rapid Cash
Redline Recovery
Regent Asset Management
Richland Holdings
RJM Acquisitions
Select Portfolio Servicing
Sterling United Worldwide Collections
Trailhead Capital
Triumph Asset Services
United Recovery Systems
West Asset Management
Worldwide Asset Purchasing

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