Debtor Defense Minnesota

If you have been sued on an old credit card, call us today. A variety of collection firms such as Messerli & Kramer, Gurstel Chargo, Rodenburg Law Firm, and Como Law Firm, file hundreds of cases a year with little to no supporting evidence. In fact, the Truth in Lending Act, requires very specific facts to be pled in any credit card suit. Accordingly, if properly contested, cases filed by these unethical firms would be immediately dismissed, sometimes with full costs awarded to the defendants! However, due to simplified default rules, and defendants’ failure to answer, these firms are often able to obtain default judgments.

If you have been served with a one page lawsuit alleging few if any actual facts, it is imperative that you contact us today! Get real litigators on your side, and tell Messerli & Kramer they can talk to your lawyer.

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