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By this contract, I employ the firm of Madgett & Chan, LLC to evaluate, and, at the firm’s exclusive option, represent me concerning a civil action in Minnesota and I agree as follows: Madgett & Chan, LLC agrees to exercise its best efforts and professional ability, and will consult with me on an ongoing basis regarding major decisions relating to this matter, including trial or settlement. I agree that Madgett & Chan, LLC cannot promise or guarantee a particular result. I understand that in exchange for free case evaluation, Madgett & Chan, LLC shall have the exclusive option to represent me. However, this agreement shall not be construed to bind the firm to represent me. Madgett & Chan, LLC agrees to accept or deny this case in a timely manner. If I make no recovery, I owe Madgett & Chan, LLC nothing for legal services. In consideration for the provision of legal services, I agree that Madgett & Chan, LLC may negotiate with defendant for a fee for professional services as follows: the firm’s customary rate of $375 per hour of attorney time and $150 per hour of staff time, not to exceed any recovery, or 40% of my gross recovery, whichever is greater. I understand that the effect of this fee may be a direct zero-sum deduction from my recovery. Note on tax advice: While the firm makes an effort to minimize client tax liability (the previous paragraph included) Madgett & Chan does not offer tax advice. I understand that it is my absolute responsibility to seek appropriate tax advice when preparing and filing my tax return. This agreement shall not be construed to bind this firm to represent me in any appeal. I agree to compensate Madgett & Chan, LLC at the same rate for any representation regarding counterclaims. I understand that I may owe funds in excess of the aforementioned percentage, or even the total recovery, for work performed on counterclaims. Further, if, at the time the case is settled or a judgment is paid, I owe Madgett & Chan, LLC for any expenses or other items, Madgett & Chan, LLC will deduct that sum from the settlement amount to be paid to me. I will receive an itemized statement showing any such deduction from my settlement/ judgment funds. The bill for primary claims will be calculated first and then the bill for counterclaims. If I choose to terminate this agreement prior to full and final resolution, I agree to compensate Madgett & Chan, LLC at the above-specified rate for all work performed up to the date of any such termination and all costs incurred to that point. I shall pay all the costs and expenses incidental to the preparation of this case including, but not limited to filing fees, court costs, court reporter fees, facsimile charges, courier expenses, service of process fees, postage and mailing, expert witnesses, investigators, copies, subpoena service, and out-of-pocket expenses. I will receive an itemized bill of each such cost. I authorize my attorney to incur such reasonable expenses as my attorney deems necessary, and at my attorney's discretion, to postpone action on my case until I have deposited sufficient funds to cover those expenses. If there is a dispute about fees owed, they must be must be disputed in writing within 10 days of receipt of the first billing statement containing reference to the disputed charges. Failure to give notice in writing within 10 days constitutes a waiver of objection and the fees will be deemed acknowledged as just and owing or accepted. I realize that my cooperation is essential to the outcome of my case. I will keep my attorney informed of any changes of address, phone number, or other pertinent information and promptly complete any paperwork submitted to me. I agree to read all correspondence and documents and respond to requests from my attorney in a timely manner. I agree to inform my attorney if I will be out of communication for a period of more than 24 hours. Madgett & Chan, LLC may terminate my representation if my attorney cannot reach me for a period of more than 48 hours. Should I fail to follow my attorney's instruction, misrepresent or fail to disclose material facts, fail to pay my account in full within 30 days of billing, or fail to provide the requested payment or security, my attorney is authorized to withdraw as my counsel, to file suit, and to take such other steps as he deems appropriate. I will execute any documents necessary to allow my attorney to withdraw at that point. Madgett & Chan, LLC reserves the right to terminate this contract if at any time our attorneys conclude that the claim is without merit. While I understand that the bills will be due and owing immediately upon receipt, if I do not pay, I understand that interest of 6% shall be added on a monthly basis beginning 30 days after receipt of the bill. I understand that this is not an offer to extend credit, but merely an additional cost of nonpayment, and I consent to this. At the conclusion of my case, I realize I may have the contents of my file other than my attorney’s personal notes, briefs, and work product that my attorney elects to retain. I will request my file if I wish to receive it. If I choose to leave all or part of the file in my attorney’s possession, I understand that my physical and electronic file will be destroyed 60 days from the completion of my file. I understand that Madgett & Chan, LLC is an independent law firm and does not endorse any other business. I understand that Madgett & Chan, LLC does not pay referral fees for clients and that failure to pay any such fee to a third party will not impact my representation. I understand that Madgett & Chan, LLC is my attorney and follows my directions regardless of who pays any of my bills or fees. I understand that Madgett & Chan, LLC chooses to operate without added professional insurance at this time, and that my recovery for malpractice may be limited accordingly. I understand this agreement fully. I am entering into this contract free of undue influence, duress, or the effects of any drugs or psychological problems that would impair my judgment. I realize that there are other attorneys who could represent me and that I have the right to consult with them on my case in general and this contract in particular, but after reviewing the terms of this agreement, I choose Madgett & Chan, LLC as my attorney on the terms set out above. I UNDERSTAND THE TERMS OF THIS AGREEMENT AND THAT THIS IS A BINDING LEGAL CONTRACT.