Employment Background Checks 

If you’ve been turned down for a job because of the results of a background check, contact Madgett Law today. The background check may have included erroneous information meaning that you may have been unfairly rejected from the position. Even if the report was accurate, the background check process may not have complied with state or federal law.

As an applicant, you have rights that govern how an employer must conduct a background check. While most people, including some employers, don’t know or follow all of the rules surrounding this process, Dave Madgett is an expert in this area of consumer law. Under the umbrella of the Federal Credit Reporting Act, he’s helped clients recoup awards due to unfair or illegal background checks.

Let our staff review your case at no cost to you.  Regardless of what you think might have caused the employer to rescind a job offer, their actions may not have been fair or legal. Contact Madgett Law today for a professional and thorough review of the situation.