Madgett & Peterson Self Help Documents This information is intended for legal aid purposes only. Our firm strongly cautions against using these letters in lieu of properly documenting calls and creating a record of harassment. Consumers who experience severe harassment often mistakenly send cease communication letters before they consult with an experienced FDCPA lawyer who can advise them whether they can record the debt collector’s harassing telephone calls. The cease communication letter allows smart debt collectors to cover their tracks before we can record conversations. (Please note: taping a debt collector is legal in many states including Minnesota. Consult with an experienced consumer rights lawyer before you decide whether to record telephone conversations with a collection agency.) Regardless of these concerns, these documents may be helpful to individuals who need fast help and are not interested in pursuing a case. If you intend to pursue a case you should discuss your situation with an attorney prior to using these forms.

Validation Letter

Cease and Desist Letter