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Last Will & Testament Worksheet

Please review this worksheet and awnswer each question carefully. This worksheet is NOT a will and has no legal effeect. Note: If you are married, you and your spouse should each fill out seperate worksheets because you will each need your own will.
    Please not that life insurance does not typically pass via a will. Life insurance is a contract and thus the beneficiaries are named in the contract/ policy.
  • A residuary beneficiary is an individual who recieves everything you own that is not specifically listed below under "personal property", 'personal property", or "cash". There can be more than one residuary beneficiary in which case the residuary estate is split into shares.
  • Your personal representative is the individual who is responsible for administering your estate (i.e., gathering your assets, paying your creditors, and distributing the rest to your beneficiaries.). You may wish to name successors in the event your personal representative is unable or unwilling to act. The personal representative is also called the executor.
  • (NOTE: If this section is left blank (common), personal property will simply pass the same way as the residuary estate.)