We Sue Credit Repair Companies to Get Your Money Back 

When done correctly, a reputable credit repair company can provide both hope and tangible evidence toward a healthier financial future. These organizations work with their clients to dispute incorrect information on reports, negotiate debts, and provide education about credit scores and reports. Don’t hesitate to contact Madgett Law for a recommendation of a quality credit repair organization in the Twin Cities area.

Unfortunately, not all credit repair companies are good ones. Bad actors are everywhere, and most often you can identify them by their lack of communication, unfamiliarity with specific state laws, and insistence on using a one-size-fits-all approach to your specific situation. Additionally, you should never pay a fee upfront, prior to any work occurring, and there should always be a formal written contract in place to provide expectations and guidelines.

If you hired a bad credit repair company, Madgett Law can advocate for you. They can recover the money paid to the company, as well as fight for any punitive damages and attorney’s fees.