Telemarketer Harassment and Nuisance Texts

Virtually every American receives numerous phone calls from an automated dialer – those annoying calls from an unknown or unfamiliar number that originate from a computer or pre-recorded system. It is easiest to identify auto dialed phone calls by the pause that occurs between answering the phone call and the response from the other end.

But what most Americans don’t know is that federal law prohibits companies (including banks and debt collectors) from using an auto dialer to contact home and cell phones, unless the phone owner has given consent to receive such phone calls. In other words, every time you receive an unwanted phone call from an auto dialer, you can choose to sue the company under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. Consumers can collect $500-$1500 for every auto dialed phone call they receive. This can quickly add up to thousands of dollars for each consumer!

Ryan Peterson and Dave Madgett have helped hundreds of clients to recover fair compensation against companies and individuals who illegally use automated dialers to make contact. Don’t hesitate to contact us regarding unwanted phone calls that you’ve received.