Turned Down for Housing?

A tenant screening report, otherwise known as a rental history report, is a regular part of a rental application. From a legal perspective such reports are know as consumer reports. State laws stipulate how and why a consumer report can be run on a potential renter. Most Minnesotans don’t know what the legal requirements are, but  Dave Madgett is well-versed in housing law.

If your housing application has been rejected because of the results of a tenant screening report, Madgett Law can help you determine why this occurred and fight for a fair outcome for you. For example, if the rental office doesn’t provide potential renters with a written document stating which company performs the background check, as well as a list of criteria used to evaluate applicants, state law deems that potential renters should be reimbursed the application fee, plus a $100 civil penalty. The housing office must also pay attorney’s fees.

Occasionally an applicant will be turned down because the tenant screening agency ran a check on the wrong person or because inaccurate information is part of the applicant’s report. Madgett Law also supports clients in these types of situations. Any time that you’ve been turned down for housing, regardless of the situation, reach out to Madgett Law for a free case evaluation. Whether it’s one of the situations described here or something else entirely, we are here to provide you with an accurate and succinct assessment of the situation.

Madgett Law also assist clients with eviction expungements. For a fee, an expungement removes specific items off of the tenant screening report, which improves your chances of finding housing. Contact us today if this is something that you would like to pursue.